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  1. Hi,
    This is the 2nd time I am using your service. It is a great service and makes it very easy to make contact with aupairs here in Dublin. I just have one recommendation.

    When you send a screening letter to an aupair, there is no way of telling that you have contacted that aupair as there is no record of messages sent. I would suggest that if you have sent the aupair a screening letter, that should be highlighted when you go into their profile/cv. As I have sent many screening letters and have downloaded many cvs, I think it would be useful to know who I have contacted- just so I’m not contacting them 2 or 3 times with the same letter.

    1. Hi Ruth
      Thanks for the suggestion, it’s a good idea and I’ll probably implement it in the near future. Let me know next time you want an upgrade and I’ll give it to you free of charge.

  2. Hi
    I’d also like to leave some feedback. It is also my second time using this site and find the service very useful. My first aupair stayed nearly two years and I’ve just found my second! However until today I wasn’t aware people were interested with my family through the ad on Facebook. Could a notification be created so you know if someone replies to the post on Facebook? In fact I wasn’t aware my ad was shared on Facebook until recently… It would be great to have some link so ad posters know that people are expressing interest through Facebook. Thanks again for your help… Viv

    1. Hi Viv,
      Thanks for the suggestion. We added the Facebook feed (we also have a Twitter feed) in order to attract new site members – if a job-seeker is interested in the job, and they see it on Facebook, they register on our site to apply for the position. I think what you’re suggesting wouldn’t be good for our site from a business point of view, as it would bypass it (the site) completely and make it redundant in the whole hiring process, if you can think of how we could solve that issue please let me know. Thanks for the suggestion though.

  3. Hi
    ive just started on my serach for an au pair and have found your website of great use. thank you!!

    i was just wondering if you could allow a family to post more than one photo – if i was going to live with a family i would want to see the parents and the kids in action.

    Also is it possible to have a space to write your own personal comments – not visible to anyone else but you alone about a CV – i am reading so many i forget why one person isnt suitable for our family – whether it be too basic english or needs to be live in etc would be handy to see my own comments after clicking into someones CV.


    1. Hi Doireann

      Thanks for the suggestions. Out of the two of them I think the one for adding notes has the most potential.

      From the point of view of the amount of time taken to implement the extra photos vs. the ‘value add’ for customers, I don’t think that suggestion is feasible at the moment. However, if I can think of a more efficient way of doing it, from the way I currently picture it working, I may still implement it.

      I’ll do a little more research into adding the jobseeker notes, and I’d say I’ll probably go ahead with that one. So, if in a few weeks time you do see that functionality added, please let me know when you want your free upgrade.

    1. Well that’s a good complaint Doireann!

      I’m not sure the new functionality will be built in time for you, to be honest. It will take about three weeks, I’d say.

      Are you not using the shortlist functionality? It’s designed specifically for that situation – building a two-tier list of applicants.

      1. Just a quick update on this functionality – we’ll hopefully be starting it this week, or early next week. The delay was caused by the more urgent need to add other functionality.

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