Searching for an au pair by location

We had an enquiry today from a host family enquiring how to search for job seekers by location – say “Ireland > Dublin > Dublin 13” – that was an easy question to answer as the functionality was always there, however the answer didn’t make much sense. To search by location, prior to today, the host family had to use the advanced search ( ) tick the box “Only show jobseekers located in Ireland”, then they would see options for the county, followed by area if Dublin was selected.

We’ve now made the search form a little simpler, and more intuitive, we have added an option “Jobseeker Location”, you can select any country, or, if you select Ireland, you will then see another option for county, followed by an option for area/postcode if you select Dublin.

I’m not sure why we had it the old way, in retrospect it doesn’t make much sense!

2 thoughts on “Searching for an au pair by location”

  1. Hi,

    I’m finding the website extremely frustrating to use. I ideally would like to search for any au pair, with reference to their nationality, not their current location, which for me is largely irrelevant. It is relevant the area in which they want to become an au pair though. Also, all of the Skype details that I clicked on, redirect me out of the website, and I have to log back in again, and start the search all over again. Am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks and regards,


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