Recent site down-time

For the past week or so our site has spent a lot of time offline, we apologise for this, but it has been totally beyond our control.

According to our site hosts,, it was due to a DDoS attack on one of their other hosted sites. Their support centre has said the issues have been sorted out now, however we have been told that repeatedly over the last 7 days, only to be disappointed within hours, so we’re not really holding our breath on the matter being closed.

We apologise for the frustration this must be causing, and thank you for your patience. If you wish to have your job posting or premium account extended to make up for the lost time please email us at [email protected]

Moving forward we are looking at moving hosts as soon as possible, however given the volume of server-specific custom code that make up the site, it’s probably going to take months rather than days.

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