Recent Changes to Au Pair’s Wages

Given the recent court case which recognises that au pairs are employees entitled to be paid a minimum wage, currently (January 2018) between €7.64 and €9.55 per hour, we have updated our blog posting on au pair wages, you can view the posting at

Our opinion on this ruling is that, it is only fair that au pairs are paid the minimum wage, however it is unfair to host families, given the cost of living in Ireland, that the maximum deduction a host family can make for hosting the au pair, is €54.13 for full board and lodgings per week.

It’s a complex and emotive issue for most people involved, both host families and au pairs, and it will take some time to see the full effects of the ruling.

While there has been a notable increase in the salaries being offered on the site, in the two weeks since the ruling, we have also noticed a worrying (approximately) 30% decrease in jobs being posted. So, for the moment, it looks like it is a significantly reduced number of au pairs who are going to benefit from this ruling.

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7 thoughts on “Recent Changes to Au Pair’s Wages”

  1. well, many countries have the same problem and therefore not abusing their country as maids: they have help from grandparents or nannys for hours. They do not have them at home at home living because that is a luxury that you call “cultural exchange” to serve girls as cheap labor, and that’s a mistake. Ireland must sign the agreement in which the figure of Au Paige is contemplated and ensure fulfill what really should make the Au country, which for the moment is not. That’s a job with a fictitious name by interest, and you know it perfectly. Here’s to change. Abusive begin to filter ads; this is a job now.

  2. Hi Blue,
    I think what you are saying is that, some host families have been abusing the whole concept of “cultural exchange” by making the au pair work long hours, and paying poor wages?

    Yes, if this new ruling prevents that abuse it is a very good thing.

    I do have to say though, in the 8 years I’ve been running the site I’ve only been contacted by au pairs on a handful of occasions, definitely not more than 20 times, about such abuse. The vast majority of au pairs go to work in good conditions with fair families, and it’s a shame recent media coverage of the au pair sector has emphasised the negative experiences of some au pairs, over the positive experiences of the majority.

  3. Hello, responding to your message I must say that I completely disagree. I don’t know any real cultural exchange in Ireland experience; I know girls who “endured” a few months to go away, only. But that is not a positive experience; they have just endured a few months and by lack of information and any capacity decision, just when they were already tired of cleaning have decided that his experience as Aupair has ended. It is everything.
    It is paradoxical to see how now intends to hold accountable the figure of the Au pair because now recognize you their rights; When in reality that figure have distorted and manipulated at will the families who have spent years abusing of this work, because Yes, it is considered work when more than hours, tasks, and you must comply with standards under a command, in Exchange for money; that is the definition of work.

    Now it seems that there are families who argue to be thinking about not having more Au pairs because it is no longer”affordable”. So they recognize to used theAu pair is affordable staff. As everything, this must change; changes always come at the hands of a strong shock, but aren’t changes.
    Has already reached the time when Ireland sign and donate the place which corresponds to this figure, which on the other hand, since the personnel sector domestic there have been several complaints and protests because the Au pairs have taken off work to this sector, against their will; simply be imposed this work as “affordable staff”.
    That’s what got the hundreds of families who year after year have been invented tasks for the Au Pair, with blessing of agencies and websites without the true information. That’s what got to base each day generate more inequality, to directly affect groups of workers, including creche centres. That is the true reality, and real responsibility. Now it is not possible that the families feel surprised; the first case of abuse on an Au pair was the 1970; Locate documentation and stay informed; the information is free and accessible to all.

    Now it is not credible that the families feel surprised about this work. From here I want to make a question; Since when have in-house staff at home that cares for kids between 7 and 9 hours in a day, makes you clean at the same time take care of the kids (don’t want to even imagine how you can do that), prepares the meals for them, even preparing dinner for the family, prepare wash, folding clothes, maintain ordered cabinets, takes the children to school, picks up them, it leads to extra activities, does homework with them, from when all that is “affordable”? That you ask it is famous people, or monarchs families, because this service only exists in that area!!

    So now a lot of people surprised that some families feel damaged with this decision, which is an improvement, and should be for all, especially for a group that has been violated for so many years. Instead of celebrating the end of an illegal situation, they lament for its improvement! It is incomprehensible!

    This means only one thing; they know the reality, all involved in harming the figure of the Au pair in a conscious way, they recognize with his chagrin now that this situation is going to improve for the young girls, and they will play them pay a real service of childminder until now, they could save themselves, either pay a nursery. But also they can seek help from grandparents, brothers and cousins who collaborate with the care of children; that is what is done in many countries, and nothing bad has happened. On the contrary, generates union of the family; in this life you cannot be everything without paying their true price.

  4. Guys this is crazy, does that mean for a family of young working adults, with 1 y and 4 y old kids, asking the aupair to kindly mind the 2 young ones, 4 days a week, so have to pay full daily wage because of checking on the 1 y old?
    that’s 8€ x 9 h… it is 290 a week, minus full board and lodging…
    means we are at 1,000 a month???
    I mean young Irish people fight hard to get a job, go on Jobbridge, internships, etc pay transport and a room rent (700 total), spend hours on the road, and pay for food…. their net salary is 1,200 to 1,300 a month, deduct everything that is less than 500 a month left…
    so is the aupair double paid??? with all the benefits and work from home?

    1. Hi Donal,
      I put it through the salary calculator and it seems to work out at €275 p/w – here is the breakdown: Breakdown: 36 hours per week, au pair’s experienced worker at €9.15 per hour, subtracting 7 days food and board (live in), at €7.73 per day. – the current food and board allowance, of €54 p/w week is not fair on host families. Pat Breen TD has indicated he’s asked the Low Pay Commission to review that amount – maybe email him

      1. Thank you, much appreciated, as you can see… it is a better income than young people living and commmuting, renting in Dublin or London. Great job seems! plus they learn English and we can only treat others like ourselves when it comes to have a nice bed and food

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