Au Pair Jobs on our Google+ Page

In an effort to reach as many candidates as possible we are now posting all our new job listings to our Google+ page. If you have a Google+ account why not add us, and have the jobs delivered directly to your account page. You’ll find us on Google+ by clicking this link .

It’s also worth mentioning that we also have an account on Facebook, which you can find at and if you prefer to tweet you can follow to our Twitter account at .

Sorting Search Results by Jobseeker CV Popularity

We’ve added new sorting functionality on the jobseeker search results page.

This functionality allows host families list jobseekers by their CV’s popularity, as well as sorting the results by the most recently logged in date.

A jobseeker’s CV popularity is determined by the number of times it has been downloaded, and the number of times that jobseeker has been shortlisted. We’re assuming a higher percentage of shortlisting, is indicative of a quality jobseeker CV.

You’ll find the functionality at the top of the search results page in the members’ area.

Download Free Au Pair CVs

We’re delighted to announce our latest site development, which is free au pair CVs.

As of today, host families (with either premium or standard membership) can download completely free of charge selected au pair CVs, with full contact details including telephone number, email address and Skype contact details.

The first organisation to partner with us in sponsoring their students’ CVs is Infinity English College, Dublin. Infinity English College will also provide a reference for their students to any host families interested in employing them.

Host families will now see a new “Free CVs” link, when logged in to their account, on their left-hand side navigation –  clicking that link will list all free au pair CVs on the site.

We will be adding more free CVs over the weeks.

Add private notes to Jobseeker CVs/Profiles

Thanks to a suggestion from member, Doireann, we’ve implemented a new feature that allows host families add private notes to jobseekers’ profiles on the search results page, the shortlisted CVs page, and on the downloaded CVs page.

As you can imagine, this functionality would be useful for quickly noting important information that may be buried in a jobseeker’s CV, for example “Has first-aid qualification,” preventing you from forgetting, or overlooking, that information when you come back to review the CV again.

All notes are private – they can be seen by no-one but yourself.

To add a note, click the ‘Click to Add Private Note’ link at the bottom of the jobseeker’s mini CV, once you’ve added the note, click ‘Save Note.’

To edit or change a note, just click the note, edit, and click ‘Save Note’

Thanks again to Doireann, who gets free Premium membership next time she wants it! Remember, if you have any ideas for functionality, that you think would improve the site, let us know here: , and if we implement that functionality we’ll give you free Premium membership too.

Promoting your Job Postings with Social Media

Using social media to promote your job

I’ve added a small new piece of functionality that allows you promote your job on your preferred social networking site(s).

To access this functionality, just post  a job as you normally would. Once the new position is posted click ‘Manage Jobs’ on your left-hand navigation. On the Manage Jobs page you’ll see various links for managing your job postings, and beneath those links you’ll see the new social icons. Clicking any of those icons will post your job title and a link to the job, to your account on that social network.

You can also use this functionality on existing jobs, just follow the steps above – click ‘Manage Jobs’, and then click the social networking icon – and you’ll be promoting your job instantly.

Calls for Regulation of Au Pair Industry

Here’s an interesting article from about the Migrants Rights Centre calling for statutory guidelines for the au pair industry. It contains some startling figures, research they did showed 36% of Au Pairs reported being exploited, 42% had no written contract and 30% reported not getting any holidays.

You can read the MRCI report here

We are now listing Au pair Agency jobs

As part of our effort to bring more jobs to jobseekers, we’ve recently started taking jobs from Au Pair Agencies in Ireland and abroad. The first agency on-board is Spain-based who will be posting a selection of their jobs here on

According to Susana Melendo, founder of Family & Aupair, “FAMILY & AUPAIR is a Spanish agency that brings Spanish families and international aupairs together. We provide guide an support throughout the programme.

We are committed to creating an unforgettable experience for the family and the aupair.

I am not just the founder of F&A, I have worked as an aupair in England. It was a unique experience that has continued to influence me throughout my life. I assure you that being an aupair will be a life-changing experience for you. It will give families and aupairs the opportunity to discover another culture, improve in another language, and open your mind to a different world view.”

You can see a full listing of the jobs currently available with Family Aupair here.

On, jobseekers can apply for these positions in the same way they apply for jobs posted by host families, and they can also contact the agency, directly by email or through their website.

Jobs that have been posted by an agency are clearly marked, by a small green star icon, these positions are subject to the terms and conditions of the agency posting them.

If you own an au pair agency and you’re interest in posting your jobs here, or gaining access to our database of over 16,000 jobseekers, please contact us for details.

Au Pair Wages / Au Pair Costs, 2019

If you’re considering hiring an au pair an au pair one of the first things you’ll want to know is, what is a typical au pair salary and what are au pair costs, it’s also the question we get asked most frequently.

Host families run the risk of legal proceedings against them if they fail to pay their au pair the correct national rates, listed below.

This information is correct as of 4th March 2019.
Au Pair minimum hourly rate of pay 2019
Au Pair Age Minimum hourly rate of pay, €
Aged 20 and over 9.80
Aged 19 8.82
Aged 18 7.84
Aged under 18 6.86


The cost, per hour, for live in and live out au pairs is the same, however you may make the deductions, listed below, to a live in au pair’s wages to cover food and board.

  • you may deduct €0.87 per hour worked, for board
  • You may deduct €23.15 per week, or a daily rate of €3.32

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