Next and Previous Jobs listings on Job detail pages

We’ve added yet another piece of new functionality! This time however it’s for the job seekers‘ benefit. We’ve included, at the bottom of job details pages, “Next Job“, and “Previous Job” links, including job titles and thumbnail of the host family photo, if they’ve added one.

By default this functionality works by the date the job was added, so if you click “Previous Job” you’ll see the last one added before the job you’re currently on, however this is a little bit more clever, it also remembers your search queries, so if you search for “Au Pair Jobs Galway” and click through to the first job on the results page, clicking the “Previous Job” link at the bottom of the page should bring you to the next most recent job added in Galway.

This new functionality should save au pairs a fair bit of time on their job searches, as it completely removes the need to return to the job search results page.

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