New internal messaging system for au pairs and host families added

We’ve just added a new internal messaging system that allows host families contact jobseekers, directly through the site. We recommend using this mailing system until you are comfortable enough with the person you’re dealing with, to send them your real contact details. We’ve tried to keep the functionality as simple as possible, but here’s a brief outline of how it works:

  1. When a host family downloads a jobseeker’s CV that jobseeker is added to the recipient list on the host family’s new Compose Message page
  2. There is a new envelope icon on the Downloaded CVs, and Shortlisted CVs pages beside each jobseeker’s mini-cv, clicking that icon takes you to the Compose Message page, with the jobseeker pre-selected on the recipient list
  3. As soon as a host family sends a message to a jobseeker, that host family is added to the jobseeker’s recipient list
  4. Both jobseeekers and host families receive an email alert, with message summary, every time a message is sent to  them. These email notifications can be turned off in the user’s Update Details page
  5. Both jobseekers and host families can block senders if they don’t want to receive mail from them anymore
  6. The Compose Message, Inbox and Outbox pages all have standard messaging functionality (Subject, Message and Submit button, etc.) – nothing new to learn there

We’ll be adding to the functionality to this message system over the next few weeks but for now we want to keep it simple and see how it’s used. If you’ve any feedback on it, or would like to suggest enhancements, please post them below.

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