New Functionality – Any Suggestions?

It’s that time of year again, when we turn our attention to spring cleaning, and adding new functionality to the site. If you’ve any feedback on improvements we could make, or any new functionality we could add, we’d love to hear it. If you suggest any new functionality, and if we add it, we’ll give you a free Premium upgrade next time you need it. Please leave any suggestions below. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “New Functionality – Any Suggestions?”

  1. 1. Hyperlink to candidates profile from messages sent/received absolutely essential.
    2. Once a profile has been read / deleted please return to that place not to begining of list.
    3. When an applicant has been in correspondence/messages with family this should be identified on the candidates profile in ‘job applicants’ and ‘short-listed’.
    4. Comments space under each applicant, similar to that in ‘short-listed’.
    5. Searchable options for specific skills/people.
    6. The results of search do not take into consideration, driving, smoking, live-in etc etc – matches very poor?!
    7. Most recently viewed candidate should be presented at top of ‘short-listed’
    Hope these are if some use as they were part of my frustrations using this site.
    Thanks, Sandra

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  2. Hi Sandra

    Thanks for those suggestions, we’ve now implemented all of them, except, for technical reasons, number 5.

    Number 6 already exists (the advanced find), you maybe weren’t aware of it.

    Let me know next time you want an upgrade and we’ll give it to you for free. Thanks again.

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