New Functionality Added

We’ve added two new pieces of minor functionality to the site for host families.

The first is we’ve added some code to prevent host families posting more than one job at a time. We need to add this for two reasons, the first is to avoid confusion among jobseekers who see what looks like the same job posted twice, and the second is to reduce the chance of any content duplication issues with Google. Google frowns upon duplicate content, so we want to minimise the chance of any loss of rankings in search results. If you’re a Premium account holder who already has a job posted but wish to post a new one, you should delete your old job in order to do so.

The second piece of functionality is we now list jobseekers on the search results page by time logged in, then date. Prior to this the results were listed by date, then alphabetically. The reason for this was because it was giving some jobseekers an unfair advantage on the search results, based solely on their first name. For example if Abbey logged in at 12am on Monday, she’d appear at the top of thesearch result page for the rest of the day, even though Zoe, who had logged in at 3pm was a more recent visitor.

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