Live-Out Au Pairs

One interesting trend emerging from the traditional model of the au pair job, and childcare, is the popularity of the live-out au pair option. The live-out au pair, as the name suggests, does not live with the host family, rather comes and goes on a daily basis in the same way a normal employee would.

As a result of the influx of young EU workers to Ireland over the past decade a large pool suitable candidates has formed in the country, making this a popular option, that provides a lot of choices, for families. At the time of writing this posting, of the almost 4,000 job-seekers registered on, who are located in Ireland, well over half of them express a willingness, or a preference, to find a live-out au pair job.

The live-out option is most suited to families who don’t have the spare accommodation needed to host another person in their household, or to families who wish to employ an au pair, but are worried about the implications a relative stranger could have on the privacy of their home.

In our experience it is families living in urban areas, especially those in cities popular with young people and immigrants, will get the most applicants for their advertised live-out positions.

Typical work for a live-out au pair would be the same as for an live-in au pair, arriving in the morning the au pair brings the children to creche or school, collecting them after school, making light meals and maybe some light housework.

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  1. Good morning, i have 3 children, one at school and want to enquire about a live out aupair. Im very nervous as family have only ever minded my children. I would like to enquire if there is anyone available and fees involved. Looking forward to hearing from u.

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