Au Pairs for the Elderly

We first blogged about elderly / senior au pairs about 5 years ago.

At the time we were just starting to see elderly au pairs emerge as a viable option for caring for the elderly. Now 5 years later, they have become an established and popular home care option, and a fantastic alternative to a nursing home.

What is an elderly/senior au pair?

An elderly au pair, or senior au pair as they are also known, is an individual who provides companionship, light home care, and other assisted living duties for a person, or in some cases a couple, in their own home.

Typically the person requiring care would be elderly, however others – for example a mildly incapacitated person – can also benefit from the care and companionship services of an au pair.

Elderly au pairs are a fantastic option for the families of elderly people, who might not be in a position to provide the extended companionship and support an au pair can.

Usually an elderly au pair would be caring for an elderly person who still had a certain amount of mobility and independence – a person who would benefit from a certain amount of support and companionship, but doesn’t require the full time support of a nursing home. Or for someone for whom, home care by trained professional is unnecessary.

What is the role of an elderly au pair?

Typically an elderly au pair will provide companionship, light household cleaning duties, laundry, medication reminders, running errands, doing the shopping, and other such tasks.

An elderly au pair can be there, either for a few hours per day, or full time, depending on your requitrements.

An elderly au pair, would not be expected to perform tasks involving personal hygiene, etc. – and any other tasks that would normally be performed by trained caregivers.

An au pair should never be involved in household finances, or have any finance-related duties.

However, the duties and responsibilities are entirely dependant on the agreement of both parties, so depending on the level of care agreed, the role may well extend beyond the duties we outlined above.

What is the difference between an elderly au pair and a live in caregiver?

Typically an elderly au pair would have no formal training in care of the elderly or infirm, and, unlike a caregiver they would only be involved in light care duties.

Is an elderly/senior au pair suited to my requirements?

If you are looking for a long-term live in companion, for a respite carer for shorter periods of time, or for someone to provide light post-hospital care, an au pair would be ideal.

However, as an elderly au pair probably does not have any formal training, they should not be considered suitable candidates for caring for those who were dependant on others for personal hygiene, or for persons suffering from advanced stages conditions such as dementia, where medical care was recommended.

How much does an elderly au pair cost?

Please see our au pair salary calculator and read this article about au pair wages and costs, and consider the other costs incurred when employing an au pair.

Finding an elderly / senior au pair

To find an elderly/senior au pair you should register an account on our site, once registered, you should post your job advert. After your job has been posted you will be able to either search through our database of registered au pairs, for suitable jobseekers (you can even filter search results by jobseekers who have indicated a willingness to work as an elderly companion), or you can wait for au pairs to apply for the job you have posted.

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  1. Do you provide services in Donegal? I’ve got an elderly mother who is in need of daily assistance.

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