Elderly Care/Companionship and Special Needs search options

Today we added in some new search fields to help our site members. Now you can search for job-seekers who are interested in working with either special needs children, or as elderly companions.

To find these job-seekers just log into your account, click the ‘Search Jobseekers’ link on the left-hand-side navigation and you’ll see these new search fields in the main search form.

To give you even more detail on job-seekers we have given them the option of listing their dietry requirements, ie. vegetarian, vegan etc. This option isn’t searchable yet, but will be in the near future.

Getting the most from your AuPairIreland.ie Free Trial account

When you sign up for an account on AuPairIreland.ie you are automatically assigned a Free Trial account. Your Free Trial account allows you to view three full CVs (including the jobseekers full contact details) and post one job advertisement.

To get the most out of the Free Trial we recommend you post a detailed ad, including all relevant job details, and the job’s location in the title. Doing this means applicants are well informed and are then less likely to change their mind after you contact them with the full job description.

Remember, your Free Trial gives you three CV views, so you’d be much better off viewing applicants’ CVs, than doing an au pair search and viewing CVs that way, as you already know the applicant is interested in the position and less likely to change their mind when you contact them.