Au Pairs – seven steps to building the perfect Au Pair CV

There is a lot of competition out there for the best jobs. Your CV is the first opportunity you have, to make an impression on your future host family, so why not make it a good one.

Here on we see a lot of CVs, so we get an idea of what works, and what doesn’t.

Follow these suggestions to build a CV that will impress.

  • Edit your CV to match the job – don’t be afraid to rewrite your CV for each job you apply for. Highlight any experience you have, that is required for the role you’re applying for.
  • Include a photo – but if you do include a photo make sure it’s the right type. Ideally showing you with children, and definitely not showing you partying!
  • Irish references – it’s a big plus if you have an Irish references. If you do, make sure you highlight it in your CV.
  • Irish work experience – the same as with Irish references. If you do have Irish work experience make the most of it, and highlight it.
  • Fill out all the CV sections – those sections were added for a reason! Employers want to know that information, so don’t leave then empty.
  • Keep it to the point – avoid writing long, rambling paragraphs. Write about the important stuff, leave out the rest.
  • Include a cover letter – write about what makes you suitable for that particular job. Show interest. Make direct reference to the advert to show you’ve read it.

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