Au Pair Wages / Au Pair Costs, 2019

If you’re considering hiring an au pair an au pair one of the first things you’ll want to know is, what is a typical au pair salary and what are au pair costs, it’s also the question we get asked most frequently.

Host families run the risk of legal proceedings against them if they fail to pay their au pair the correct national rates, listed below.

This information is correct as of 4th March 2019.
Au Pair minimum hourly rate of pay 2019
Au Pair Age Minimum hourly rate of pay, €
Aged 20 and over 9.80
Aged 19 8.82
Aged 18 7.84
Aged under 18 6.86


The cost, per hour, for live in and live out au pairs is the same, however you may make the deductions, listed below, to a live in au pair’s wages to cover food and board.

  • you may deduct €0.87 per hour worked, for board
  • You may deduct €23.15 per week, or a daily rate of €3.32

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3 thoughts on “Au Pair Wages / Au Pair Costs, 2019”

  1. Hello, thanks for the great website… any changes to the recent law, in relation to costs? Unfair to pay almost 1000 euros for part time, with free accommodation and with everything provided…. That is more than a minimum wage for full time job that requires commuting and without benefits!
    Also a question, opinion only of course, is it ok to pay the aupair for 4 days only a week (~30 hours), while providing 24/7 full board and lodging?

    1. Hi Eugene, the Low Pay Commission is due to come back at the end of this month (April 2017), with an updated amount for the Food & Board allowance. The current amount of €54 makes little sense, when you consider the cost of living in Ireland.
      Regarding your question – since the WRC ruling, a lot of host families are choosing live out au pairs, instead of live in, as the pay rate is the same for both, but live out doesn’t have the extra hosting expense for families.

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