Au Pair Salary Guide

We regularly receive emails enquiring about what an au pair’s salary should be. Using our au pair salary calculator, we have calculated below, the minimum salary an au pair is entitled to:

Au Pair Salary Guide
Live In / Out Hours Per Week Minimum Gross Salary
Live In 10 € 41.39
Live Out 10 € 95.50
Live In 15 € 89.14
Live Out 15 € 143.25
Live In 20 € 136.89
Live Out 20 € 191.00
Live In 25 € 184.64
Live Out 25 € 238.75

Last updated January 1st 2018.

The above estimates are based on the assumption that the au pair is over 18 years of age, has 2 years-plus experience, and, where the living arrangements are defined as either “live in” or “live out”, that the au pair is living under those arrangement seven days a week, and are being paid the minimum hourly wage of € 9.55 per hour.

To perform a custom calculation please visit out au pair salary calculator.

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