Au Pair Duties and Responsibilities

Because there is no legal definition of the role of an au pair in Ireland, there are no set rules relating to the tasks and responsibilities of an au pair. However, if using international guidelines as the standard, the day-to-day tasks your au pair will perform, should only relate to the care of your children.

If you expect your au pair to perform other duties, besides childcare, you should list them in the job description, during the job interview and, most importantly, in the job contract.

Au Pair duties and responsibilities include:

  • Getting children out of bed, and dressed
  • Washing, ironing and folding the children’s clothes
  • Housework related to the children – cleaning their room, making their beds, tidying up their toys, etc
  • Preparing food, assisting with feeding the children, and cleaning up after their meals
  • Entertaining the children – playing with them, taking them to the park, etc.
  • Bringing children to school, helping with their homework, bringing them to after-school activities
  • Bathing the children and helping to put them to bed
  • Running errands related to the children
  • Occasional babysitting

Agreeing responsibilities, with your au pair, that are clearly defined in your au pair’s contract is the best way of avoiding disagreement and conflicts at a later stage, and are in both parties interests.

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