Add private notes to Jobseeker CVs/Profiles

Thanks to a suggestion from member, Doireann, we’ve implemented a new feature that allows host families add private notes to jobseekers’ profiles on the search results page, the shortlisted CVs page, and on the downloaded CVs page.

As you can imagine, this functionality would be useful for quickly noting important information that may be buried in a jobseeker’s CV, for example “Has first-aid qualification,” preventing you from forgetting, or overlooking, that information when you come back to review the CV again.

All notes are private – they can be seen by no-one but yourself.

To add a note, click the ‘Click to Add Private Note’ link at the bottom of the jobseeker’s mini CV, once you’ve added the note, click ‘Save Note.’

To edit or change a note, just click the note, edit, and click ‘Save Note’

Thanks again to Doireann, who gets free Premium membership next time she wants it! Remember, if you have any ideas for functionality, that you think would improve the site, let us know here: , and if we implement that functionality we’ll give you free Premium membership too.

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