10 ways to get more applicants for your Au Pair ad

We always see a noticeable disparity in the number of applicants a job in the city will receive, compared to a job in the countryside. It’s not unusual for city jobs get as many as thirty times more applicants, than their country equivalent.

We’ve blogged about this in the past, posts aimed at jobseekers,  trying to encourage them to apply for positions outside the cities, so in this posting we thought we’d share some tips with host families, especially those living in the countryside, on how to get more applicants.

  • Use our Job Invite functionality – this is the BIG one, and this will get you more applicants than any other method – you can send unlimited invites, regardless of your membership plan, to au pairs to encourage them to apply for your job. You’ll see a “Invite to View Job” button under each au pair’s photo. Click it – it’s free
  • Don’t be needlessly picky – you’re immediately reducing the pool of candidates by specifying mandatory skills. Does your au pair really need to be a fluent English speaker, do they absolutely have to have first-aid skills? Remember, they can always do first-aid and English courses after they start working for you
  • Consider applicants from abroad – host families have a preference for jobseekers already living in Ireland, as they can be interviewed in person, and they normally have Irish references. If your job is in the countryside, and you’re having trouble attracting applicants, maybe consider jobseekers outside Ireland
  • Improve working conditions – use our salary calculator to calculate the minimum wage, then maybe consider reducing the hours or increasing the wage
  • Consider younger, or older, applicants – don’t limit your applicants by restricting their ages – even if you still want to restrict it, try decreasing and increasing the range by a few years  to get more applicants
  • Don’t use negative language – try not to use phrases like “you will be expected to” – maybe say “we’d like you to” instead
  • Sell your location – Is your locality beautiful, popular for certain sports, or close to large towns or cities? Highlight this in your advert. Also, if your home is in the countryside and not close to towns/cities, make sure you make that clear inthe advert.
  • Include a reference if you can – if you employed an au pair before, and they are willing to act as a reference for you, please mention it on your advert
  • Use of car – if you are in a position to do so, consider offering the use of a car as part of the job package. You’re under no obligation to pay for petrol when the car is being used outside working hours, but it would be a nice perk if you did
  • Social life – are there any other au pairs living in the locality, or are there any au pair events/gatherings that happen nearby? If there are, be sure to mention them. Don’t forget, if your au pair wants to find friends in the locality, they can always use websites like www.newtotown.ie

We hope you find these suggestions useful, if you have any to add, pleased do so below, in the comments.

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